Concrete Sand Heaters

DCR’s concrete sand heaters are an economical choice for self-contained sand heaters. The rotary drum, feed hopper, slinger conveyor, sealed-in burner assembly and controls are mounted on a portable 16-inch H-Beam frame to make positioning and installation easier than ever.

Why are DCR Sand Heater’s the best?

DCR has the ready-mix concrete supplier in mind. Our patented heating system provides full control over mix temperature to improve concrete mix quality, reducing finishing time while lowering maintenance and labor costs. Heated sand produces higher-quality winter-mix concrete, offering more heating transfer than water with a much longer thermal retention time.

Sand heater drum patented tired drive system

DRUMS & Drive System

A drum rolled of high-strength steel and special flight design provides peak performance for the ready mix supplier. The drum is driven by DCR’s patented rubber tire drive system which reduces horse power, maintenance, and won’t slip on frosty mornings. The drive system works like a 4 wheel drive pickup to give maximized traction.

Sand Heater Burner


A sealed-in burner with a 90-degree temp rise and direct drive blower with 12 oz of pressure uses less horsepower and retains more heat in the rotary drum. The burner control system strokes the burner from low fire to max fire. All sand heaters run on natural gas, or vapor propane with the option of fuel oil. 

Feed Bin Sand Heaters DCR West Fargo ND


The feed bin is 12x7x6 feet(LxWxH) with a 60 degree side slope. A 4-inch grate mounted on top keeps frozen chunks from plugging the feed belt. 

Electrical Box Sand Heaters DCR West Fargo ND


All breakers and starter including discharge conveyor (sized to customers conveyor) are Square D. Includes a variable frequency drive on the drum and feed hopper. All electrical is mounted in a cabinet on the main frame with stop/start buttons mounted to the cabinet’s exterior.

Sand Heater Sling Conveyor


The sling conveyor features a 24-inch wide belt with 10-inch lagged head pulley for sure-flow controlled by a 3 hp AC motor. The variable frequency provides for a wide range of feed ratios for better temp control. A self-cleaning tail pulley with manual adjustment on take up bearings is provided.

Benefits of DCR Sand Heaters

DCR has design, engineered, and patented the rubber tire drive system which reduces horse power, maintenance, and won’t slip even on frosty mornings. The system works like a 4-wheel drive pickup to give maximum traction. DCR’s concrete sand heaters are the only sand heaters in the world that will have these rubber tire drive systems.

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting the job done. Continue your concrete jobs even when the seasons change. Our sand heaters allow you to have the ability to produce quality concrete when the temperature dips below freezing.

Only DCR’s sand heaters are equipped with a burner that is 30% more efficient than any of our competitors.

Using DCR’s sand heaters, sand that has been heated and stored will retain the heat for up to a week.

Sand heater drying drum

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